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Osorkon the Elder

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Osorkon the Elder, also known as Osorkon the Elder or Osorkon I, was a pharaoh of ancient Egypt who ruled during the 22nd Dynasty, which is part of the Third Intermediate Period. He reigned from around 924 to 889 BCE, although the exact dates of his reign are subject to scholarly debate. Here's an overview of his reign and contributions:

Background and Family:

Reign and Achievements:

  1. Consolidation of Power:

    • Osorkon the Elder sought to consolidate power and maintain stability in Egypt during his reign.
    • He faced challenges from rival factions, including the High Priests of Amun in Thebes, but managed to assert his authority over the country.
  2. Military Campaigns:

    • Osorkon the Elder conducted military campaigns to defend Egypt's borders and maintain control over strategic territories.
    • He campaigned in Nubia and may have undertaken expeditions to the Levant, although the extent of his military activities outside of Egypt is not fully documented.
  3. Building Projects:

    • Like many pharaohs, Osorkon the Elder likely contributed to various building projects, including temple constructions and renovations.
    • He likely continued the work on the Temple of Amun at Karnak, adding his own inscriptions and reliefs to commemorate his reign.
  4. Religious Activities:

    • Osorkon the Elder would have participated in religious ceremonies and rituals, as was customary for pharaohs.
    • He likely sought to maintain the favor of the gods through offerings and prayers, reinforcing his legitimacy as a ruler.



Osorkon the Elder played a significant role in the political and religious life of ancient Egypt during the Third Intermediate Period. Through his efforts to consolidate power, conduct military campaigns, and support building projects, he contributed to the stability and prosperity of the kingdom, leaving behind a legacy of capable leadership and dynastic continuity.

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