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Nitiqret, also known as Nitocris in Greek sources, is a figure from ancient Egyptian history who is mentioned in various sources, though her historicity and the details of her reign remain uncertain. Here's what is known and speculated about Nitiqret:

  1. Identity: Nitiqret is believed to have been a pharaoh of ancient Egypt, possibly ruling during the Sixth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom period. Her name appears in the Aegyptiaca, a lost work by the ancient historian Manetho, who lists her as the last ruler of the Sixth Dynasty.

  2. Historical Sources: Apart from Manetho's account, there are few contemporary or corroborating sources that mention Nitiqret. Her name does not appear in contemporary inscriptions or monuments, making it challenging for historians to verify her existence or reconstruct the events of her reign.

  3. Greek Tradition: Greek historians such as Herodotus and Diodorus Siculus mention Nitocris as a legendary queen of Egypt. According to Herodotus, she was a wise and just ruler who avenged the murder of her brother by luring his killers into a vast underground chamber and drowning them.

  4. Historicity Debate: The historicity of Nitiqret, or Nitocris, is a subject of debate among Egyptologists and historians. Some scholars believe that she may have been a real historical figure who ruled during a period of political instability at the end of the Sixth Dynasty, while others consider her to be a purely mythical or legendary figure.

  5. Legacy: Regardless of her historicity, the story of Nitocris has captured the imagination of later generations and has been retold in various forms in literature and popular culture. Her reputation as a wise and vengeful queen has contributed to her enduring legacy in Egyptian folklore and mythology.

In summary, Nitiqret, or Nitocris, is a figure from ancient Egyptian history whose existence and reign are shrouded in uncertainty and legend. While she is mentioned in ancient sources and Greek tradition, her historicity remains a subject of debate among scholars.

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