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Twenty-Eighth Dynasty of Egypt

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The Twenty-Eighth Dynasty of Egypt, also spelled as the 28th Dynasty or Dynasty XXVIII was a short lived dynasty during the Late Period of Egypt where a descendent from the Saite kings of the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty briefly claimed rule. Following the death of Darius II an Egyptian named Amyrtaeus led a native revolt against the Achaemenid satrap and ultimately reclaimed Egypt and collapsing the Twenty-Seventh Dynasty. Amyrtaeus only led Egypt briefly and there have been no monuments uncovered and little else is known about this short lived dynasty.

The Twenty-Eighth Dynasty of Egypt, also known as the Saite Dynasty, was a period of resurgence and revitalization in ancient Egyptian history. Here's an overview:

  1. Duration and Context: The Twenty-Eighth Dynasty lasted from approximately 404 BCE to 398 BCE. It emerged in the aftermath of the tumultuous period known as the First Persian Period, during which Egypt was under the control of the Achaemenid Persian Empire.

  2. Saite Rule: The Saite Dynasty was founded by Psamtik I, who rose to power as a local ruler in the Nile Delta and eventually succeeded in unifying Egypt under his rule. Psamtik I established his capital at Sais in the western Delta, which became a center of power and culture during the dynasty's reign.

  3. Libyan Influence: The Saite Dynasty originated from a lineage of Libyan descent, and its rulers were known for their close ties to the Libyan tribes of the western Delta. This Libyan influence played a significant role in shaping the policies and culture of the dynasty.

  4. Restoration of Egyptian Independence: One of the key achievements of the Twenty-Eighth Dynasty was the restoration of Egyptian independence and sovereignty after decades of foreign domination by the Persians. Psamtik I and his successors sought to assert Egypt's autonomy and strengthen its position on the world stage.

  5. Cultural Revival: The Saite Dynasty witnessed a revival of traditional Egyptian culture, art, and religion. The rulers of the dynasty sought to restore the prestige of Egypt's ancient gods and temples, patronizing religious festivals, and commissioning the construction and renovation of temples and monuments throughout the country.

  6. Military Campaigns: The Saite Dynasty engaged in military campaigns to expand and consolidate its power. Psamtik I campaigned in the eastern Delta and the Sinai Peninsula, while his successors continued to assert Egyptian control over strategic regions and trade routes.

  7. Decline and End: The Twenty-Eighth Dynasty came to an end with the reign of Psamtik II, who faced internal challenges and external threats during his rule. Psamtik II was eventually overthrown by a rival ruler named Amyrtaeus, leading to the establishment of the Thirtieth Dynasty.

  8. Legacy: Despite its relatively short duration, the Saite Dynasty left a lasting legacy on Egyptian history. Its restoration of Egyptian independence, promotion of traditional culture, and efforts to strengthen Egypt's position in the Mediterranean world contributed to a period of stability and prosperity in the region.

King NameHorus-NameReignConsort
Amyrtaeus404-398 BCE

Late Period of Egypt



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