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Westcar Papyrus

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The Westcar Papyrus is an ancient Egyptian literary text dating to the Second Intermediate Period or the early New Kingdom (circa 18th to 17th century BCE). Here are key aspects of the Westcar Papyrus:

Discovery and Contents

Tales of Wonder

  1. The Story of Djadjaemankh: Djadjaemankh, son of Khufu's high priest, entertains the pharaoh with tales of the magical deeds of the priests of the god Re.
  2. The Story of Hordedef: Hordedef, son of Khufu's vizier, recounts how a magician named Djedi performs miraculous feats, including the reanimation of a severed head.
  3. The Story of Imhotep: Imhotep, son of Khufu's chief judge, tells of the birth of the future king Userkaf, which is foretold by a magical papyrus scroll.
  4. The Story of Khufu and the Magicians: Khufu himself witnesses a competition between his magicians and a peasant woman, who outwits the magicians with her clever tricks.
  5. The Story of Prince Baufre: Prince Baufre, Khufu's son, encounters a mysterious woman at a lake who predicts his future greatness as a king.

Themes and Interpretations

Significance and Influence


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