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The Dendera Light Engravings are a series of Egyptian artworks located at the Temple of Dendera. The three total engravings became notable due to researchers comparing their resemblance to modern electrical systems. The engravings are specifically located at the Hathor Temple within the larger Temple of Dendera complex which was a secret more secluded part of the site.

What is interesting to note in all of this is that the process of creating electricity cannot simply be "invented" as it would have existed weather humans were around or not. In fact nature creates electricity naturally all the time through lightning and it is believed electricity is what originally started all of life itself according to the Miller-Urey Experiment. The presence of ancient light sources would only depend on the engineering and scientific knowledge available at the time along with the necessary materials for construction of such an invention.

Ancient Artifacts - Dendera Light Engravings

Dendera Light Engravings - Temple of Dendera.

So what exactly do these ancient engravings depict? Are they an ancient light source or simply something more mundane that can be easily attributed to Egyptian culture. In order to figure out this mystery we need to determine if the ancient Egyptians could have created an ancient version of a Geissler tube, Crookes tube or an arc lamp. This means did they have the technological expertise to make every part involved, construct the invention and have the scientific background and knowledge necessary to generate and harness electricity

In order to determine these features we need to first figure out how the Egyptians would have constructed such a device using only materials that were available to ancient Egyptians. This is a real field of study and is called Applied Archaeology. It has proven the very real possibility of the creation of many of the great wonders and mysterious artifacts.


So this is more about ascertaining weather the ancient Egyptians were sophisticated enough to create machines to harness electricity in the ancient world? Well considering the other mysterious artifact known as the Baghdad Battery which used a type of chemical mixture known well today in science to generate electricity it might be safe to assume so. In fact the ancient Phoenicians at the cities of Sidon and Tyre were renown in the ancient world for their glassblowing techniques in fact this along with the development of their maritime trade network all throughout the Mediterranean Sea including Egypt and Greece. This could have provided the foundation for the mechanical part of the invention along with the known chemical mixture to generate the moving electrons.

People that attempt to debunk either the Baghdad Battery or the Dendera Light Engravings do not realize the sophistication of our ancient ancestors and their ability to create things that seem well beyond their time. In fact, simply look at the pre-christ era computer built in ancient Greece known as the Antikythera Mechanism and you will realize man needed no aliens nor divine inspiration to be the genius he is today. They also do not realize the massive interconnectedness of the world back then.

People tend to think of the ancient world as very dark with limited contact between disparate groups all struggling to survive in harsh, brutal conditions. However, the opposite was the case. In fact there were vibrant civilizations all across the known world with an abundance of resources from Europe to Australia to the Americas and beyond and there was often extensive and massive ancient trade networks that built up around certain geographic regions. The first region is the Mediterranean Basin Trade Route which connected virtually all the Cultures of southern Europe, northern Africa, western Mesopotamia and beyond. In fact the ancient Phoenicians even built settlements all along the northern coast of Africa next to Egypt in modern day Libya. The largest one became known as Carthage.

So we've established the Egyptians had access to the known master craftsman glassblowers of the ancient era, a pre-requisite to make the glass tube that would encase the copper filament that forms modern day light bulbs. The Egyptians were also in great contact with the people of Mesopotamia such as the Sumer, Akkadian Empire.


In fact, in following with the Baghdad Battery it is found that most gold Egyptian artifacts recovered are in fact thinly electroplated. Electroplating is the process of using electricity to conduct a current and apply a very thin later of a precious metal onto another one. Often this is done by generating the current through a battery, connecting that battery to the molten metal and then dipping your object in. The electroplating will cause a very thin layer of the molten metal to bond to the other metal due to the current and thus you would be able to have gold objects without making them out of solid gold.

This is another one of the ancient millionaire technologies and it is extremely possible given materials, knowledge and techniques available during the day. Many applied anthropologists have proven this and posted their videos all on the internet. You can even perform the Baghdad Battery experiment in your own home if you do not believe them. See thats how science works. One person makes an experiment and one hundred or one thousand or one hundred thousand people can replicate that experiment and get the same results. Science is built on facts, knowledge and evidence. It is not possible to electroplate without the use of electricity so by the mere existence of electroplated gold objects there proves the existence of electricity in the ancient era.

No Soot Evidence

Many of the researchers who try to attribute the Dendera Light Engravings to a very real invention provide the evidence that there was no soot in any of the Egyptian tombs and temples and that there was no enough oxygen in the temples to sustain a fire. This is completely fabricated however, as the Egyptian authorities upon cleaning the Dendera Temple ceiling itself uncovered a completely unknown mural painting that was covered up by what they described as hundreds of years of black soot.

It is also known that the early European explorers and archaeologists also used torches to traverse through the many different structures throughout Egypt. So weather the soot was caused by the Europeans using torches or the Egyptians themselves regardless these statements should not be taken as fact. The people that use fabricated evidence to try and prove their claims are frauds themselves. There is also known to have been soot in the Great Pyramid of Giza by travelers in the 1800's but most of it has been cleaned off over the successive years. If there was already soot in the buildings when the Europeans arrived it could not have been produced by them constantly studying the structures years later.

It is also known that the Egyptians at the time had well developed oil lamps that when salt was added the flame would have burned extremely pure. These ancient olive oil lamps have been found throughout Egypt and this appears to have been a common invention at the time throughout the region. This however, does not close the book on the existence of an ancient light source. It just shows that these pieces of evidence given as examples of its existence are false and actually work to discredit the idea as a whole.

Other Interpretations

Not everyone agrees that this is a depiction of an ancient light source. Some Egyptologists belief it is a mythical depiction of a Djed pillar of a lotus flower that is spawning a snake. These elements are reflected in Egyptian myths and the Djed pillar is known as a symbol for stability and known as the backbone of Osiris. The "light" that is being given off is simply the aroma of the lotus flower these researchers assert. In the carvings there are four horizontal lines that form the head of the Djed pillar and are supported by outstretched human arms which also hold up a snake within the flower. The snakes that come out of the lotus are thought to symbolize fertility and linked to the annual flooding of the Nile River.

However, the lotus flower as the mainstream view asserts can also be taken the other way and said because it is such an object of status in their culture they would have crafted their mechanical devices in an artistic manner if possible and a metal piece that connected to a glass blown bulb may have been just the perfect piece to do so on. Again, neither side can be proven correct as the above state beliefs are just that, interpretations by scholars of their views on the subject. They are prone to bias as can be shown is well prevalent throughout the field of archaeology.

Egyptian Creation Myth

The Egyptian creation myth believed there was a primordial sea of nothingness called Nun and the first thing to emerge was the lotus flower. The lotus flower then gave birth to Atum, the god of the sun who later merged with Ra to become Atum-Ra. The god Atum who is believed to have ascended from this primordial soup and the lotus flower and is represented as a snake. After the god Atum was born he caused the emergence of the rest of the world as a huge bubble of air in the vast dark ocean of nothingness. In fact, the "filament" shown in this engraving is that of a snake upon closer inspection and the bubble surrounding the snake could have been the bubble of air described.

Also examining more of the engravings, it appears that the goddess Nun herself is depicted holding up the bubble of air that was created by Atum, another fact of the Egyptian creation myth. Nun is most often represented by outstretched happens supporting something throughout lots of Egyptian artwork. Attributing the Dendera Light Engravings to the Egyptian creation myth seems to match up perfectly so the best evidence to corroborate this would maybe to see more examples of similar engravings throughout Egyptian culture.

Nikola Tesla

So it appears we have definitely proved that there is an extremely plausible and reasonable explanation for the engravings found at the Dendera Temple and that they simply depict the creation myth of Egypt. A pretty cut and dry incident as many researchers would have you believe. However, if you begin consider the achievements of Nikola Tesla thousands of years later some interesting parallels are drawn between ancient Egypt and the modern day. Nikola Tesla is famous for discovering free energy or the fact that electricity flows all throughout the world and the atmosphere.

Tesla determined it all came down to the manner in which you can harness this free energy which floats around us all the time. You cannot invent electricity you can only create inventions that harness electricity. This fact is fact weather the time period is ancient Egypt or the modern day. In fact even the Great Pyramid of Giza has been given as having nearly the exact same physical layout as Nikola Tesla's later >Wardenclyffe Tower.



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